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Due to the way ants work as an organized colony - leaving trails to and from their food sources, control can be difficult.

Putting down a small amount of ant powder near the nest is rarely enough to kill off the colony.

Treatment will need the use of licensed products to eradicate an ants nest quickly.

Pharaoh ants behave quite differently to red or black ants. They have become a health problem because they feed on meat and will easily pass on bacteria from one food source to another. They cause problems in many places for example, Hospitals and kitchens. The treatment of these pests is very specialized, as when threatened the whole colony will move to a new nest in a very short time. This renders most conventional treatments useless. Great care must be exercised when dealing with these insects.

Behaviour and Biology

Ants are related to wasps and bees. There are over 12,000 species of ant though most are in the tropics. Ant colonies are often thought of as super-organisms as they appear to work as one entity. There are often millions of ants in a colony.

They can be a problem in the garden, producing soil heaps above the nest. However it is when they invade the home that a more serious problem is created.

In the UK the most common ants are Red ants and Black ants. Red ants will usually be a nuisance in the garden and can give quite a painful bite. Black ants on the other hand readily invade homes in search of food. They have a varied diet of small insects, food waste and sugary foods. This will be carried back to the nest to feed the young. In many cases nests can be detected by the spoil heap at the entrance. The colony will excavate tunnels in the mortar between bricks to provide access to houses and create room for the nest. Ants will travel quite long distances around a house to reach their food source by following a pheromone trail laid down by their fellow workers. In the summer most nests release large numbers of winged female and male ants, this can be very alarming.