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West Sussex pest clear provide professional rodent pest control services covering Chichester, Bognor Regis, Sidlesham, Wittering, Selsey, Pagham, Shripney, Lavant, Berstead, Tangmere, Emsworth, Southbourne, Thorney Island, West Itchenor and surrounding areas.

We are very experienced in all kinds of pest control and can respond to your call quickly, if your call is urgent then please call 07971482844 for an immediate response.

We specialise in rodent control and also provide rodent proofing services in the Hampshire area please follow this link www.hampshirepestclear.co.uk


Rodents & Disease

Leptospirosis or Weil's Disease

An astonishing 55 percent of all rats are reputed to carry leptospirosis, with over 66 percent of all city rats reportedly infected.

Leptospirosis is very easily transmittable to both dogs and humans.

Nearly every animal can catch leptospirosis - horses, pigs, cats, & dogs, - but the rat, ironically, is immune.

  • Assume all rats have letospirosis.
  •  You do not need to be bitten by a rat to catch the disease . Leptospirosis can be transmitted through contact with water into which a rat has urinated. If you see a puddle of water near where you see rats, assume it is highly contaminated.
  • Leptospirosis attacks the liver in humans, and causes a kind of jaundice. Humans with leptospirosis have faeces that are putty-colored since they are devoid of the pigment produced by bile which has been diverted to the skin (causing a yellowing of the eyes and skin in humans).
  • Despite the reported incidence being very low, the true figures are of course far larger - many patients with a mild form of the infection will self-recover and often won't even contact their GP, and even in severe and fatal cases it's common for the diagnosis to be missed, and the physical effects attributed to another (more common) illness.


    This country is now at risk of having the same problem already being experienced throughout the world, yet we are in ignorance of the disease. Lately, many workers in our ports, water works, quarries or other areas where rats are in abundance, are being warned and given guidance as to the prevention of contracting the disease. Our doctors aren't recognising the symptoms quickly enough and if treatment is not given quick enough, the toxins invade so fast, you could die within a week.

Here are some recent cases from the media these people were not bitten by a rodent .......



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